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This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Small Business Branding. You will find informative articles about Small Business Branding, including "Cost effective branding for the small business". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Staffordshire that can help answer your questions about Small Business Branding.

Brook Street Bureau plc
01902 429995
2nd Floor 47 Dudley Street
Manufacturing Advisory Service - West Midlands
0845 2450845
Wolverhampton Science Pk, Phase 3 Cntr
Barclay Corporate Consulting Ltd
01902 824343
Wolverhampton Science Pk, Glaisher Dv
Beacon Consulting Group
01922 743587
Suite 36, Beacon Bldgs, Leighswood Rd
Midas Accountants & Business Consultants Ltd
01922 418111
183 Walsall Rd, Great Wyrley
Allen Partnership
01902 560427
4 Gail Pk, Merry Hl
Gilson Associates
01922 645849
26 Hawthorne Rd, Delves
Instiraction Ltd
0121 2222320
39 Eastbourne St
Densmore Consultants
01922 456002
Leighswood Rd
Windrush Employment & Training
01902 313052
Unit 1, Business Development Cntr, 21 Temple St

Cost effective branding for the small business

When I talk to clients about branding I often find that they have quite fixed views about what they think branding is and what they think they can and can’t afford in terms of activities to help ‘brand’ their business.  

Many people, when thinking about branding, confine themselves to comments and thoughts on their company logo and design.  Others actual say to me – well, branding is really just for big companies – not for us at all.

As I explain – this is not true – and whilst the ‘display’ of brand values, the breadth of your brand reach and how much your spend on brand identity may be very different if you are a small business – you can still learn and take ideas from the biggest and the ‘best’ brand advocates.

The most important thing is not to limit your thoughts when it comes to deciding how you will develop and exploit the power of your brand.

You can think about it in terms of the 5 P’s of brand.  Let’s take a closer look at what I am talking about…


For any business, getting the proposition right is important but for a small business it’s absolutely critical.  A larger company with more substantial budgets may have time to spend developing a clear proposition and testing out options in the market place. 

A smaller business doesn’t.

Instead it needs to develop a clear and compelling message about itself and use this consistently in all business communications.  And this proposition must help you stand out from the crowd – maybe for the niche markets that you serve or the nature of the product or service that you deliver. 

You need to work hard on this – without a strong proposition – a statement or explanation of what you do for your clients – you will find it very hard to develop ‘brand’ messages that make you stand out.

Presence and Presentation

I’m talking about some of the more familiar manifestations of the brand.  This is all about how you convey, visually what your brand (for a small firm your business) is all about.  Everything from your location and signage to company letterhead, brochure ware, website and even the type of paper you use for business correspondence can all help reinforce, or destroy the image of your brand.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the points above to illustrate what I mean. 

Location and signage - now clearly if you are a traditional firm of accountants working with business people and wealthy individuals you are most likely to locate in a well serviced, centrally located office building and you will make sure the signs directing people to your offices are professionally produced and use the correct corporate font and colours, to be consistent with your logo and design of other ...

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