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This page provides useful content and local businesses that can help with your search for Online Marketing Services. You will find helpful, informative articles about Online Marketing Services, including "Improve website performance: website success". You will also find local businesses that provide the products or services that you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Buckinghamshire that will answer all of your questions about Online Marketing Services.

F Stop Studios
01908 263606
6 Potash Farm
Milton Keynes

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Hallam & Co Ltd
01442 864976
20 Kings Road

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Infocus Marketing Communications Ltd
01280 814000
Meadow House

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G V M C Ltd
01442 891173
35 Western Road

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Focal Design Studios Ltd
01908 378266
56-58 Watling St
Milton Keynes

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Infocus Marketing Communications
01908 506605
Shirwell Cr
Milton Keynes

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D W F Wiggins
01442 246625
7 Chipperfield Road
Hemel Hempstead

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Big Marketing
01908 326666
82-84 Newport Road
Milton Keynes

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Williams Direct Marketing Ltd
01442 247109
17 The Sonnets
Hemel Hempstead

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Bill Leach
01494 681766
Jevington House

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Improve website performance: website success

Every sizable business today has a website, whether you are a firm of solicitors, a furniture store, a management consultant or a plumber’s merchants.

Customers demand easier access and more information than ever before and want to be able to learn about our services while we are tucked up in bed. So a website is a great tool which can save you money as well as earn you some.

I know from experience however that many small business websites fail to reach their potential – so if you are thinking of launching a brand new website or revamping your old one follow these 4 steps and avoid their mistakes.

RESEARCH your audience
Who will use your website? Is it for the general public or business people, and if business people, who exactly in a company will visit and why?

What will the visitor hope to find on your website? Will they be looking for prices, product specifications (size, functionality etc) or will they be looking for reassurance, which will come from the information you make available on your site, the client testimonials and examples of work you have done.

Decide what RESULTS you want
What do you want from your website? It might be direct sales if you are a retailer or enquiries if you offer a service. You might want your website to help you reduce costs in some way – for example to replace expensive printed brochures or to help as part of the sales process.

Unless you clearly define what results you want and establish how you are going to measure whether you are achieving them you could waste a lot of money.

REVIEW your keywords
OK – so I’ve introduced a little bit of jargon here. A ‘keyword’ is a word of phrase that your potential customers might type into Google or another search engine to look for whatever it is you sell. So if you sell furniture you need to look into what exactly people are searching for on the internet. ‘Furniture’ is a very broad term and experience tells that most people will be much more specific, for example searching for ‘oak dining table and six chairs’, knowing that if they search for ‘furniture’ Google will return millions of results (285 million in actual fact when I did the search a moment ago, compared to 2 million for the more specific search term).

You can use the Google keyword tool to help you find out what some of the most common search terms are, and also how competitive they are (ie how many other people are using those terms).

Once you have your list of keywords that will also help you to write the copy for your website. It’s essential to write copy that’s keyword rich – for both search engine purposes but also so the user can see quickly that they have landed on a relevant website. Using your keywords in page titles and sub-headings all helps to make sure when visitors land on your site they stay there.

Select the RIGHT supplier
If you want a functioning website t...

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