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Heart Contact Centres
0844 8844795
Smallbrook Queensway
MWB Business Exchange Plc - Birmingham
0800 368 0236
43 Temple Row
Office Response
0870 4031044
Unit 6 War Rd Harborne
Finchley Court Business Centre
0871 2263256
279 Kings Rd
Office Response
0870 4031046
25c, High St
0870 351 9520
1 Victoria Square
Somerville House
0121 693 0001
20 -22 Harborne RoadEdgbaston
ONE Connection
0845 6126125
1301 Stratford Rd
The Message Pad
0800 0186009
5 Maney Corner
Sutton Coldfield
Office Response
0870 4031045
Unit 12 Rowton Rd
Sutton Coldfield

Customer service ideas for businesses

(First appeared in Second Opinion Marketing e-bulletin August 2010 - subscribe to the e-bulletin here )

Exceptional service reaps exceptional rewards, but failing to keep your promises get’s talked about just as much!

Providing exceptional service, those little things that cost very little, can add up to a whole lot of experience and value for your client.

The results of exceptional service go way beyond the satisfaction you engender immediately in your client. They’ll remember those extra touches for some time to come, effectively topping up your credit bank with that client meaning they feel more kindly towards you, making them more inclined to use you again, taking advantage of new or additional services, recommending you to others and even forgiving any little mistakes or glitches that occur in your working relationship.

Being good isn’t enough in many areas of business today. There are lots of good businesses out there, but when the pressure is on it’s the exceptional ones that continue to get repeat business and grow by recommendation.

Here are a handful of service experiences I’ve had over the years which I’d put in the exceptional service bracket. See if you can remember comparable experiences and think about how your business might deliver something similar.

BMW turn bad to good, overnight

Some years ago I had a new BMW provided as a company car. I was doing a lot of miles back then, from home in Wolverhampton to my job in Stoke on Trent and around the whole of Staffordshire. It turns out there was a fault on the radiator of that particular model and the cars were gradually being recalled. Unfortunately I hit the mileage threshold which exposed the problem much earlier than expected at 7pm one Friday evening when I was leaving work for a weekend away. As you can imagine I wasn’t best pleased, especially when I was told it was a known fault.

This is where the BMW service experience started to kick in however. My emergency rescue call was handled very professionally and empathetically by a knowledgeable client services rep. They arranged for collection of the car (and me) and for us to be taken to the weekend destination I’d planned.

They phoned ahead to arrange for the local BMW dealer to repair my car the following morning and in the meantime arranged for a hire car to be delivered to me so I would have transport in the meantime.

The process was seamless. I didn’t have to phone around to get the garage to sort out the repairs. Everything was anticipated for me and as it turned out my car was repaired and back with me (fully valeted I might add) by 10.30am the next day. I didn’t even need to use the hire car they had offered to deliver.

BMW managed to turn a really miserable experience into a memorable one by offering exceptional service to solve a problem.

Does your business do the same?

Conference venues can get it r...

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